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E Tuning General Pricing

$150 Basemap Deposit 

$150 Custom STG1 "Flash&GO Mappings" or "OTS" Maps

$200 SD Basemap Deposit 

$200 Break-In Tune Option-$100 credited to final tuning 

$350 STG 1/2 ETuning (Cobb)

$400 STG 1/2 ETuning (Opensource)

+100 Speed Density Add-On EJs

+50 Speed Density Option FAs

+50 Burble Add-ons​


COBB OTS Map Modifications include: Intake MAF Scaling, Simple Injector Scale, Closed Loop AFR, Burble Map or CEL Fix and more. 


“Flash and Go” or Drunkmann OTS+ Tunes are Custom Built Off The Shelf maps completely remapped by DMann Tuning for mildly modified vehicles.

These maps are further refined than Cobb Shelf Maps and include MAF scaling for all brand names intakes etc. 

No major map modifications besides what’s already on the OTS+ map. If the car won’t run on an OTS Map now it does not qualify. 

Anything is possible, please inquire for custom tunes needed for your automotive needs

Disclaimer: All sales final once first map has been composed. Drunkmann Tuning is not responsible for issues related to mechanical/electrical problems that require technician related support

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