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Under the Car

EJ Engines

EJ ETuning

$150 EJ Engines OTS+ Mapping “Flash and Go”

(Uploaded Map Only. Custom tuning not included)


$350 EJ Single Fuel 

$400 Speed Density (Stock Turbo) Single Fuel

$400 Upgraded Turbo / Single Fuel 

$450 Upgraded Turbo & Speed Density Single Fuel 

$500 Rotated or 35R+ Sized Turbo & Speed Density Single Fuel

$650 EJ FlexFuel Tune Stock Turbo 

$750 EJ Flex Fuel -Upgraded Turbo

$850 EJ Flex Fuel -Rotated or 35R+ Sized Turbo 



$50 Burble/Pop Tune Add-on Feature

$100 OTS Map Fixes:  MAF Scale, Simple Injector Scales, FPR Kit Stumble Fixes, etc. 

$200 EJ E85 Add-On Map with Prior Single Fuel Map Tune


Retune Rates Vary Based on new mods change and timing involved to retune vehicle ($200-500+) 

Anything is possible, please inquire for custom tunes needed for your automotive needs at:

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