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This is a Single Fuel, Speed Density ETune or "Quick Order" for FA20 Cobb ETunes.


With all the issues with Intakes, MAFs, and BOVs on the highly sensitive FA20s MAF system; going Speed Density is a very popular option lately. So much so I have made a quick order for it. The FA20 WRX requires ZERO hard parts to have a fully functioning SD tune. It uses the OE Port/Manifold IAT sensor for SD Compensations.

Got a Cobb Big SF or BOV and tired of crazy AF learning and stalling? Buy this!


"Single Fuel" meaning Tuning on one octane either being 93, 91, E30, E60, E85 etc.


Don't forget to fill out your Dmann Tune Request Sheet! They are on the bottom of every "Tuning Page" and an automated email will send you a link as well!

2015-2021 WRX FA20 STG 1/2 ETune w/ SD (quick order)

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