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EVOX Race Car
EFI Calibration Tuning Specialist

COBB ProTuner  |  EFI Calibrator

Image by Caleb Rogers
EVOX Race Car
EFI Calibration Tuning Specialist

COBB ProTuner  |  EFI Calibrator

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About Dmann Tuning

At Dmann Tuning, we are passionate about quality and reliable Performance Calibration Work. Our company started as a joke called "Drunkmann Tuning," but as our reputation grew, we realized that we needed a more professional name to reflect our commitment to quality and excellence.

Our team of experienced technicians, partner shops, and support staff has years of experience in the Performance Industry and is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers. 

I strive to be a Tuner that actually answers, listens to your concerns and compile a end-product you actually wanted specifically tailored for you and your vehicle.

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Custom Tuning Services

At Dmann Tuning, we are dedicated to providing only the best possible Performance EFI Calibration services and recommendation to our customers with countless hours of R&D and over 15 years in the industry. 

Michael B. (Facebook)

I don't even use FB but made this account just to drop a review for Anthony. I'm new to tuning my FA20 WRX and I had lots of questions and concerns. Anthony is super responsive, understanding, and never annoyed by emails (and trust me I sent him lots of emails). His tune, while not many miles on it yet, has so far held up fantastic. No DAM drop, no FKL, AF/AFR numbers are great, and the car pulls like a champ. I will be going back to him next week for a retune since I'm going to be adding some parts, and I also suggested a few other WRX friends to him for their E-Tune. HIGHLY recommend. I reached out to other tuners before deciding to go with Drunkmann Tuning but wasn't impressed with their vague email replies and lack of answers to my questions and concerns. Drunkmann tuning is the way to go!
2018 WRX
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Hours Of Operation

Monday – Friday
10:00am – 6:00pm EST
11:00am – 3:00pm EST
Sunday – Closed
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